What ICC Imara Believes

Hello, and Welcome home, we are so glad you are here!

At ICC Imara we are about Connecting people to God and to each other, Challenging believers to Christlikeness and Changing the World. We do hope to connect with you during one of our services. If you are looking for a church to belong, I guarantee, you will love it here. If you are visiting in the city we would love to host you for one of our services. Know that God loves you and that he created you for a purpose. He has a wonderful plan and purpose for your life, to give you life and life in abundance! So that you in turn can be a light guiding others to this truth. 

Who We Are

We are an urban church in the heart of Nairobi-Kenya, a community of believers who passionately love Jesus, and are committed to seeing God’s kingdom permeate every sphere of the culture impacting the city, the nation and the world for God’s glory.

Our Vision

God’s Love Impacting Generations

Our Mission

Connecting people to God and to each other, Challenging believers to Christlikeness, Changing the world

Our Core Values

Excellence: We are committed to pursuing God and doing the best we can with the gifts and abilities that God gives us.  We are on a continuous journey to improve our skills to meet and exceed the goals we have set to the glory of God. (Daniel 6:3; Philippians 4:8; Titus 2:7)

Biblical Truth: Our belief is grounded in the word of God.  The Bible is at the heart and centre of our church and its ministries.  The scriptures equip us to do the work God set before us, to be vessels in spreading His word to all ends of the earth. (Matthew 28:19; 2 Tim 3 : 16-17)

Prayer and worship: Communicating with God through prayer, strengthens our relationship with God. Our prayer and worship include expressions of thanksgiving, praise, confession, intercession, and petition. We value worship that is joyful, diverse, reverent, and inspiring, thereby celebrating the joy of our salvation. (Matthew 6:9-13; Psalm 95:6)

Fellowship and Community: The mutual bond that we have with Christ unites us in a profound and eternal relationship of love.  This bond releases us to express God’s love in joyful and affectionate service to each other and for the benefit of His kingdom. ( 1 Corinthians 1:10; Hebrews 10:24-25)

Authentic Relationships: We are devoted to demonstrated genuine care and love for one another. We fellowship with one another in truth and love for shared spiritual growth, encouraging and spurring each other to good works. (Acts 2:42-44; John 13; 34,35).

Servanthood: We purpose to equip every Christian to be a servant-leader, in the home, church community and at work. (Matthew 20: 26-28; Mark 10:45)

Innovation and Creativity: We believe that our Creator God is a creative God who made us creative. Therefore, we seek to be creative and innovative. (Exodus 35:31-32)