NextGen Kids

NextGen Ministry Model (Children Ministry) – is to Explore-Nurture-Release each child as they grow and go through every stage of their lives in an age appropriate and relevant way of teachings. Each group will has a team of volunteers working with them. This group of volunteers will have occasional forums in the different age groups but will integrate occasionally in all group activities, programs, or events to grow one another.

Motto – Raising a generation that is grounded in the Word of God and passionately live Christ-like lives.

Aim – To nurture a generation of teenagers who will profess Christian faith at all times

Ministry Groups – Nursery, Toddlerz, 6ninerz, Rockerz, Ropes.

How do I join?

There are many ways that one can play or be part of this ministry i.e.

  • NextGen Class Teacher
  • NextGen Class Helper (during the class or other NextGen programs)
  • Registration and Welcome of children when they are coming in
  • Preparation of materials that enhance teaching in the class room (this can be even during the week)
  • Assisting or ensuring that all classes are ready and have all they need for that day
Pastor Mercy Munene

Want to join?