Small Groups (CGs)

International Christian Centre Imara is a small groups Church. As ICC grows bigger, we are growing smaller so as to bring pastoral care and ministry close to our congregants. Connecting Groups (CGz) are our vehicle to unlock the power of fellowship in building an authentic community of believers.

It follows that activity within our dynamic discipleship and connecting Groups (CG) ministry that embrace home fellowship study which is called Connecting Groups (CG’s). We are a church that embrace and believe in small groups, as a member of a Connecting Group, you will have opportunity to:

  1. Make new friends and build meaningful lifelong relationships
  2. Know ICC better and stay abreast with key updates
  3. Grow spiritually through our 3-phase systematic Discipleship Process: Connect-Challenge-Change


The ICC discipleship process aims at facilitating a Christian learning environment where: Seekers can connect with God and God’s family, Disciples of Jesus can grow to maturity through the study of the Word and fellowship, The local body of Christ can live in authentic relationships that offer accountability, Spiritually mature lay leaders are developed and commissioned for the works of service. Our three phase Discipleship Process is founded on three Core Studies: Connect-Challenge-Change. Each core study is complimented by a series of electives.

Types of Connecting Groups

You are welcome to sign up for our choice Connecting Group options:

  • GEOGRAPHICAL GROUPS – Structured along residential localities such as estates and courts.
  • CAMPUS BASED GROUPS- Hosted within the church facility in the week and on Sundays.
  • CONTENT BASED GROUPS – Members meet to read, study and discuss the Bible and other recommended Christian literature.
  • INTEREST GROUPS – These groups come together because the members share common interests like: Hobbies (photography, reading etc.); Outreach ( evangelism, online forums, missions); Sports (golf, motor sports, swimming, soccer, etc.); Profession (lawyers, doctors, business people, engineers, architects etc.); Outward Bound (hiking, camping, mountain climbing, travel, excursions etc.); Seekers (investigating the Bible, faith etc.); Environmentalists & Wildlife et al
  • STAGE BASED GROUPS – They consist of people who come together because they fall within the same stage in life. They include: Marriage Enrichment Groups (Married couples who form a group for the purpose of enriching their marriage commonly known as MEGS); Singles (un-married people who form groups to encourage each other and grow together); Youth groups (from teenagers to Frontrunnerz); Seniors (include the above 50s) and the New-Life Connecting Group (For those who have recently given their lives to Christ)
  • MINISTRY GROUPS – Ministry leaders and volunteers serving within various ministries can come together and have regular meets.
  • ONLINE GROUPS – The membership of these groups is virtual and revolves around a variety of online platforms.
  • CORPORATE GROUPS – These groups run on a variety of customized designs within the market place space.

If you would like to join any of these groups or simply to say hello, please fill in the contact form and one of our lovely connect group staff will contact you.

Want to join?