Teenz Ministry is dedicated to transforming the lives of teens in this city and to raising a generation of world changers. The ministry is run by a team of dedicated ministry staff, who not only mentor the teens, but also encourage a culture of prayer and offer counseling services to them.

Mission: To be a community of young people who love God and love each other with a genuine Godly love.

Vision: To have teens that can boldly share their faith in order to draw men to the kingdom of God through missions.


  • Develop spiritually mature believers by teaching content relevant to them in creative ways.
  • Develop leaders who will be equipped to serve the Lord and others in the church.
  • Building authentic loving friendships amongst the teens

Teenz Lessons



Luke 10:25–37; 

Our fear, insecurities, and pride cause us to avoid people who are not like us and, instead, we stay in familiar relationships. As we hide in our comfort zones, we miss opportunities to share Christ’s love with others and we miss out on the joy of these new relationships.

By faith, we can ask God to change our fears, insecurities, and pride into love for everyone. We can step out of our comfort zones and enter relationships with people who are different than ourselves and who we otherwise would have avoided.

According to the passage;

Why do you think the two Jews passed him by?

Why did the Samaritan stop and help him? (v. 33) 

What is the main point of Jesus’ story? (v. 37) 

People are different in a lot of ways. They may be a different ethnicity or religion than us or might come from a different culture. They may have special needs that we don’t understand. They may sin in a way that we are uncomfortable with or be involved in activities that cause us to look down on them. They might be stronger or weaker than us, get higher or lower grades, or be on a totally different level on the social ladder. Maybe they like different music, movies, or clothes. These are just a few of the things that could cause us to move toward people who are more like us and away from people who are different. 

Why is it sometimes easier to care about and trust people who are similar to you rather than people who are different from you? 

Most of them involve a lack of understanding because there isn’t much of a relationship. They might have a lack of common ground. They might be fearful of something that is different and new and prefer to stay in their comfort zone. They may even simply fear that they will lose social standing with their friends if they are seen with someone who is different. 

Does knowing how God loves you make it easier for you to love people who are different?

  • If so, why?

It’s not natural to love people who are different. However, the Holy Spirit can give us the power to do what we can’t do naturally. If you are finding it difficult to love others well, ask the Holy Spirit to fill you and give you power to do what you can’t do (and maybe don’t want to do).


What are some things you can do this week to show love to someone who is different than you?